Expemb 360°

The vocation of Expemb through its specialized subsidiaries, is to serve embedded markets, by supporting customers in the development of embedded systems and associated software, with a wide range of related products and services

Our president's message

Our watchword is "flexibility". In the field of embedded systems, products, systems, development, integration, everything evolves very quickly.

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The expertise: a team

The expertise of Expemb is primarily based on the skills of men and women for offering the most relevant solutions incorporating the latest technologies to our customers.

Integration Expertise

Systems Expertise

Engineering Expertise

Services Expertise

Group companies

  • Expemb Group
    Expemb Group

    The Expemb Group develops its offering by adding the value of integration to its portfolio....

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  • Tokhatec

    Specialist of embedded markets, Tokhatec is able to supply modules and carrier systems, but also the associated support. Tokhatec supports...

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  • Sysmic

    Created by engineers convinced of the pre-eminence of technical factor in the deployment of embedded applications, Sysmic is an engineering...

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  • Axupteam

    The Axupteam team works in technical assistance missions by direct labor or collaborative working phase, development package or expert missions....

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