LoRaWAN FlexServer™

FlexServer™ is an embedded LoRaWAN server optimized to run locally on the FlexGate™ Product line. FlexServer™ offers flexibility to customers who want to be their own IoT private operators with full control over their data in order to optimize their deployment cost.

Embedded LoRaWAN server ready to use

FlexServer™ is an embedded LoRaWAN server optimized to run on the FlexGate™ product line. Already installed on the Gateway, FlexServer™ is ready to be connected, on one side, to any LoRaWAN end devices and, on the other side, to any Cloud platform. With FlexServer™ embedded LoRaWAN Server, it is possible to have local treatment and data consolidation on the Gateway independently of the backhaul connectivity quality. It is the perfect “ready to use” platform for Edge and Fog computing.

LoRaWAN end-node connectivity

With FlexServer™, it is trivial to enroll any new LoRaWAN end-node. Just enter the device keys and the LoRaWAN node will be enrolled on the local data base.
For numerous end-nodes enrollment, it is possible to create a specific file and download it in a single way to FlexServer™. It is an efficient way to easily manage a large number of LoRaWAN end-nodes.
FlexServer™ takes advantage of FlexGate CPU power and can manage thousands of end-nodes.
With FlexServer™, it is possible to develop specific filter according to different LoRaWAN end-nodes formats to offer a transparent “reading” of the data provided by the device.

Flexible data management

All end-devices data is stored on the local database. Data can be easily managed by different connectors provided by FlexServer™. REST connector allows local data treatment. MQTT connector can be configured for either local or remote treatment and HTTP connector provides direct Cloud connectivity in accordance with the user strategy.

Flexible connectivity to any dashboard

In any case, FlexServer™ focuses on local data management and offers full control to the user. FlexServer™ provides all necessary tools, allowing customers to configure the connection to their preferred Cloud and dashboard solutions.

Run on any FlexGate

FlexServer™ is a LoRaWAN server solution that runs transparently on any FlexGate™ Gateway, no matter what type of processor (x86 or ARM) and packaging (development, indoor or outdoor) are.

Key features

- Ready to use
- Easy configuration
- Full data control and configuration
- Flexible and open architecture
- Various connectors such as REST, MQTT, HTTP…


- IIoT
- Smart Cities
- Smart Agriculture
- Energy
- Smart Building
- Industrial automation
- …