LoRa Outdoor FlexGate™

The LoRa FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 is an outdoor Gateway based on Intel Atom processor designed for Industrial Internet of Thing applications. Offering a wide range of options, it is the ideal Gateway to match different use cases on the field including Edge and Fog computing.

Outdoor flexible gateway

The FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 is a multiservice outdoor LoRa Gateway part of the FlexGate™ product line. This product line has been designed to bring hardware and software flexibility to meet the IoT technical challenges.

Beyond LoRa support, FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 offers a flexible Cloud and field connectivity within a unique platform ready to adapt to local configuration and facilitate deployment, maintenance, and installation.

Flexible processing power

The FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 integrates Intel Atom Bay Trail multicores Low Power CPU. This flexible architecture offers a processing power that can easily be adapted to different use cases including Edge Computing and Fog Computing applications.

LoRa Concentrator ‘’full power’’ inside

The FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 includes a real LoRa concentrator structured around the dedicated Semtech SX1301 chip having the capability to simultaneously listen to 8 LoRa channels in order to communicate with several thousand connected objects.

Multi-connectivity towards the Cloud

The FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 offers a rich connectivity with 1 Gbit Ethernet link and 3G/4G. All links are simultaneously available on the Gateway and fall back can be set according to different scripts.

Management services dedicated to IoT

The FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 is supplied with a Framework dedicated to IoT that takes advantage of the flexible CPU power to make software services available for the IoT world. This open architecture allows easy integration of any new services.

An optimized platform

Powered by PoE+ module, the FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 is designed to be a perfect outdoor platform able to handle all use cases with a great choice of connectivity. All development are compatible with the FlexGate™ product line.